Brokers & Reinsurance Markets Association

Founded in 1986, BRMA is a networking forum for treaty property and casualty 
treaty reinsurance professionals.
The membership consists of several of the foremost reinsurance organizations
in the United States and Bermuda that continually work to find ways to
improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the reinsurance industry


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Upcoming Events

2019 BRMA December Board of Directors Meeting

calendar-icon Dec 3 2019

Lunch & Learns: Jan/Stamford, Feb/Chicago, March/NY, more details coming

calendar-icon Jan 1 2020

BRMA Board of Directors Annual Meeting 2020

calendar-icon Mar 4 2020
Naples, FL

Committee Rendezvous 2020

calendar-icon Apr 27 2020
Ocean Place Resort & Spa

BRMA December Board of Directors Meeting 2020

calendar-icon Dec 1 2020